Heli Invasion

Yes they exist, know more about them!!!


Have you ever heard about Fishy Zombie?? Oh! Here it is! the Guppie fish seems to be the aquatic zombie ever found, which can reproduce until 10 months after its death, let alone moving around! Well, they are not piranhas and doesn’t require much tension, but how can it be? How can one reproduce alone, without the help of another, not being a single reproductive category of life? Oh! We bet that this has got you cracking the brain a little!

Read on further, to know the mystery. According to a research conducted at the California university, the Male Guppies can reproduce up until 10 months after their death. The reason is the Female guppies, who have the ability to store the sperm inside their bodies until the optimal time for fertilization.

Adult female guppies are the fastest swimmers and now that they can reproduce storing the sperm of the male for long is somewhat good news to us. And the female lives longer than the males, 2 years while male lifespan is only about 3-4months.

So these elderly females can carry sperms of more than one male, so she can create a whole fraternity of guppies without a male to be present at the time of ovulation. This research and study also revealed this lifespan gaps which was in dark all these years.

Not just that, female guppies are much smarter we think. They have the capability to make friends with less attractive female guppies in order to feel more attractive when compared. Oh! A Clear indication, why women are like this!! Well, jokes apart, they also are super smart. When they are not willing to get intimate they will start getting along with sexier females, so that the guppies actually interested get along, without disturbing them. Wow, that sounds too brainy!!

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